Shree Durga Devi Mandir(Temple) is founded by Late Pandit Shesh Mani Mishra after enlightenment by Goddess Shree Bala Sundari Mata. He sacrificed his whole life for devotional & religious activities which is important for humanity. This temple is reconstructed as on Akshya Tritiya 30th April, 2006 by direction of Dr. Suresh Mishra Peethadish.It was made in only 101 days with devotee’s of whole world. Sai Baba Temple is founded by Devotees of Sai Baba with direction of Peethadish- Dr.Suresh Mishra as on 9th June,2011. Sh.Pawan Chhabra, Sh.Kewal Krishan Chhabra, Sh.Rajiv Suri, Sh.Vinod Chhabra, Sh.Virender Talwar Sarpanch & Devotees of Sai Baba have done co-operation for this Sai Baba Temple.


This Temple is located as entrance of Holy City Kurukshetra.This was founded as on 31st Dec.1963 by Late Pt. Shesh Mani Mishra with co-operation of Late. Sh. Bishan Dass Chhabra, Late Sh. Gopi Ram Kansal, Late Sardar Ram Singh, Late Sh. Sat Pal Nayyar, Late Sh. Sahab Ram Chhabra, Late Sh. Harbansh Talwar & Devotees of Pipli.  Smt.Chanan Devi Chhabra, Sh.Roshan Arora, Sh.Kewal Krishan Chhabra, Sh.Raj Kumar Galbya, Smt.Santosh Nayyar & Devotees of Pipli have done co-operation with monetary & heartily for this temple. About Late Pt. Shesh Mani Mishra Family: He was great astrologer & priest & chief founder of Shri Durga Devi Mandir. He did humanity & religious & devotional work until last breathe of life.He died as on 17th Dec, 2007. He has two son – Dr. Suresh Mishra & Pt.Rahul Mishra.