We tell you about your health problems, diseases, vastu dosha or negative/evil energy etc. from your photograph or by looking at the map of your house and hence provide the solution. Humans are blessed with special physic power with which we can exchange, send or receive and know the thoughts of other person. This is called Telepathy. Every human is blessed with this power. With the help of this power, we are connected with every single person and every minute particle or molecule in the whole universe. This has been described in our scriptures thousand years ago.

Our forehead is divided into two main parts, Conscious mind and Unconscious mind. Unconscious mind is the most powerful part of the human body. This is the main centre of all the spiritual powers. From this point, we can send our thoughts into the Universe or receive them from others. Sadhaka can send his thoughts or messages from his unconscious mind to another unconscious mind. In this Universe, everything including every human being has vibrations. Similarly, our thoughts also contain vibrations.


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